Good Health Starts In The Gut

We tend to think of the digestive tract as just a food processing system. It is much more than that. In fact, more than half of our immune system is located in the intestinal tract.

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Yale Study

Individualized diets for irritable bowel syndrome better than placebo

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Good Health Starts in the Gut

We’ve been told “you are what you eat.” The truth is, you are actually what you “digest, absorb, and assimilate” because it is not until your food is digested optimally that it actually becomes part of the body.

The gut has many responsibilities- converting food into essential nutrients that can then be absorbed and assimilated, maintaining a balance of microbes, and removing waste.  If essential nutrients are not available for whatever reason—poor quality food, digestive dysfunction, microbial imbalance, poor absorption—those metabolic processes can be disrupted. This can have far reaching consequences. So, good health, and unfortunately poor health, does start in the gut.

People struggling with chronic conditions most often have a GI related dysfunction or imbalance. Those with GI disorders most often have other systemic symptoms.

Low energy, muscle aches, arthritis, not sleeping well, inability to concentrate, and migraines among others, have been associated with some disruption in digestion. Dysbiosis, leaky gut syndrome, food sensitivities are all potential culprits that may need to be addressed. This is why we are told to “start with the gut,” when addressing health problems.

If you feel you are currently nourishing your body properly and treating your digestive tract well, but still have digestive complaints or other symptoms that have not been explained,  see your physician to rule out medical conditions.  Identifying food sensitivities may be needed so that you can address potential culprits of poor digestion, resolve them, and begin reaping the health benefits of optimal digestion. Ignoring it will not make it go away. The Alcat Test for Food and Chemical Sensitivities and the Celiac, IBS, Crohn’s Array (CICA), offered by Cell Science Systems can help identify pieces to the puzzle. Couple that testing with a PreviMedica membership which includes valuable lifestyle guidance from nutrition and culinary specialists, personalized nutrition and supplementation plan, and customized meal planning.

What is the Alcat Test?

The Alcat Test will give you the knowledge to be proactive about your health. The immune system is a double-edged sword. It should react appropriately and protect against infection when confronted with harmful invaders or “infectious agents” like viruses or bacteria. Unfortunately, for some, exposure to common foods, chemicals and molds may trigger chronic activation of the immune system.

Your symptoms can occur several hours, or even days after exposure making it extremely difficult to pinpoint the cause. The delay between exposure and symptoms makes the Alcat Test an invaluable tool to identify reactive foods and substances that may cause chronic disease.

How to get tested?

A simple blood draw is all that is needed from you. Our laboratory is located in Deerfield Beach, Florida and we are happy to welcome you to our facility to have your blood draw performed at no additional cost to you. If you are able to come in for this service, please select the FREE option from the drop down menu on the product page.

Other options include having your blood drawn at an Any Lab Test Now location (ALTN), your local hospital, or by a phlebotomist in your health care provider’s office. The fee collected from you at time of service varies. ALTN fees vary from $20-40.

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Depending on your location, we may be able to connect you with a mobile phlebotomist who can perform the blood draw at your home or workplace. Additional fees will apply.

What do the results tell me?

For each substance you have tested, your results will be categorized by degree of reactivity and reported in a color-coded, easy to read format.  

A suggested personalized rotation eating plan is provided along with descriptions of items to be avoided. You will have access to a clinical support team consisting of registered/licensed dietitians/nutritionists (RDNs) as well as optional meal planning tools to keep you on track.

The science behind our testing

- Independently validated in double blind studies -
Yale School of Medicine

Research led by Yale School of Medicine showed that a leukocyte activation test [Alcat test] identifies food items which induce release of DNA by innate immune peripheral blood leucocytes. 

Yale School of Medicine

Research performed by Yale and published in BMJ Open Gastroenterology in 2017 confirmed that following a leucocyte activation test [Alcat Test]  led to reduced symptoms for patients with IBS.

Baylor University

Improvement in all parameters of body composition (weight, lean weight, fat weight, percent body fat or body composition improvement), was far greater in the group that followed the Alcat Test directed eating plan than in control group. 

Northern Illinois University

Results from this study determined that the elimination of inflammatory foods based on the Alcat Test results had a positive impact on SAA (serum amyloid A), BMI (body mass index), and MSQ (medical symptom questionnaire). 


PreviMedica is a nutrition and health organization that provides lifestyle guidance through video conferencing and our online services. Not only do we provide nutrition counseling with our registered dietitians/nutritionists, we also support you with the other elements of a healthy lifestyle that people often struggle with. We have professional chefs, exercise specialists, and patient navigators; all with the goal of helping you reach your health and nutrition goals.