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PreviMedica is an integrative nutrition practice that provides lifestyle guidance through video conferencing and our meal planning services.

We are firm believers that good health starts in the gut. If you are struggling with chronic conditions, low energy, muscle aches, arthritis, not sleeping well, inability to concentrate, and migraines among others, digestive imbalance or dysfunction could be the culprit. We use an individualized and functional approach for all of our clients to get to the root cause of your concerns. Your nutrient needs, lifestyle, medical conditions, and health goals all are taken into consideration to make guidance as specific and practical as possible.

Why work with a PreviMedica nutritionist?

  • Having the support of a caring professional that is committed to your health and wellbeing makes all the difference. With our 1-month membership, you not only get two nutrition consultations per month and an individualized nutrition and supplement plan, but you also have access to your nutritionist in between appointments to ask questions or for added accountability. Need more support? Continue working with us for additional months or through our recurring membership option.
  • Our team of professionals have the education and expertise to make sound nutritional recommendations. Continuing education is a high priority for us, as we know that the nutrition landscape is always evolving!
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Meal Planning
To support our nutrition recommendations, we offer meal planning resources, such as our Meal Planning Tools booklet and Sensitivity-Friendly Menu. Each can be tailored to your health goals and preferences.
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